Hello there, my name is Alex (Alexander). I’m really excited on programming and software development in all areas. I started to learn programming when I was on my 3rd year in the University, where I was studying Management and Marketing. I was completely amused when I got my first HelloWorld.c program work. As maybe a lot of programmers, I started from learning ‘C programming’, but at the same time I was learning ‘Java’ using online Stanford Courses. After that I decided that programming would be the thing that I would be doing in my LIFE!!! I really started enjoying it! Every new line of code made me smile and proud 😉 I moved to Canada to start learning programming in a high level. Here I am one year after…January 2014 and I have just joined Open Source team from Mozilla. Keep going…

The world is growing in expanantial rate… Ray Kurcweil

Check out my gh page -> admix
I am on Github -> admix github

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