Posted: May 31, 2013 in My brain
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There is a reason for what ever happens in your life…you’ll get it afterwords…just stay calm and clever for a while…

It’s better not to make fast decisions, not to be in a hurry, not to say simple and bad words to your friends, relatives and second halves… Life is a really very complicated thing, that has it’s own soul and vision. No one knows what could happened next, in ten years, in two years, even tomorrow…

Some people say that there are human beings, who knows the future, who can predict it, I’m not sure (to be honest), if they exist or not… I think I’ll believe only if I meet someone one day.

So the point is that people, we are, must not give up, we MUST, be in action every moment, we MUST do something, something that could be helpful for everyone, we MUST make difference and support each other…

Just some thoughts inside my head…//cc.admix


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