How I feel about the world of programming?!

Posted: July 23, 2013 in My brain
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We are living in the Era of high technologies and quick progress, where if you stop for a second you could be lost in the past. Such ideas come into my mind each and every day, the World is moving forward with the speed of light and probably the technological singularity will come soon. In my opinion in the nearest 20-30 years. It means that the human brain will not be able to be in time with the technological progress, and possibly our generation will face to the post high technology Era.

Talking about my nearest future and my interests in the programming world is a partly secret topic of discuss:) I like the progress of post computer devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, glasses, watches, e-screens and more. This topic is the most interesting for me, and hopefully in the nearest future I would be somewhere inside that sphere! Specifically, software development for post computer devices is my hobby, and if will talk even more specifically, then it is space-directed software for post computer devices, probably even for general audience, but for austranauts or space ships. Ahhhh…thats just dreams…but they are so bright and I’m looking forward to them:)

I think that the World around us is completely dependent on computers and other kinds of electronic devices, and thats why I can say that the future already came, but the society still waiting for it…Humanity should realize that the technology progress is completely unstoppable and that because of this we should first take a look at ecology of our mother land, to make it more safe and more acceptable to live for every human on planet. And of course to make it last for the long time…

Hope that people around and me personally will try to make this World better for everyone and for the Earth specifically!:)

  1. Joseph Hughes says:

    Its good to see so much enthusiasm from students! Keep the fire burning!

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