Release #6, tough week

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Programming
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Good Sunday.
This week was extremely busy and full of deadlines for the assignments and labs. The next one will be the same or even more loaded. Anyways, I am super motivated with my Open Source involvement, specifically with Mozilla team. I am strongly direct myself, that event after my OSD class will come to an end I will continue my contribution to Mozilla…my experience and willing to code grew enormously for the last couple of months.


OpenSource contribution matters

During this week I updated my previous bug with Google Analytics implementation for Goggles, my PR can be found here -> GA for goggles, right now I am waiting for review and hopefully it will be landed soon. While working on GA for goggles, Jon helped me to find out that we actually do not need CSP for goggles’s index page, no input fields there, so no potential vulenrability exists. After that, I filed a new bug (to remove CSP from index page, and leave it only for publish page) and send PR, which is under review.

Also, I updated CSP for Thimble, where I missed some sources when together.js were activated. I updated my PR here.

The last thing I did during this week was my little involvement with CSS, where a small fix had to be done. In Goggles, username, language picker and ‘sign in’ button were not aligned in one line. I took that bug, fixed it and pushed PR. I would say, that CSS is also a lot of fun, especially now, with all its power and functionality.
I was working mostly on small bugs this week, due to my lack of time. One major bug is still has to be done, its recoding the popcorn instance. I would work on that next week and week after, so that I would finish it before my next release.

And started my runnings today, which is absolutely great:) Summer almost came!
Bye, bye!:)


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