OSD Final Release – CSP and more

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Programming
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Good Day! The time goes fast, and I’m already at the end of my 5th semester and writing my final release for my Open Source class.
First of all, I would like to say Thank you to Dave for this amazing experience and excellent class – Open Source Development. Such a great class with such an awesome professor. I learned much more that I expected. Also, I would like to say thank you to all Webmaker team for their help and willing to help in all kinds of situations. I was involved in a real code, in a real projects with all sorts of bugs and improvements. That was my first time dealing and being in a real world programming life and Open Source as well. I am more than motivated to continue my contribution to Mozilla Open Source World. Personal thanks to @jbuck (Jon Buckley), who was mentoring me during my CSP implementation. πŸ™‚
I learned a lot new tools and improved my skills in all sorts of Web Development. My personal thought is: when you are involved in Open Source, you are open yourself to learn more and more every day; and this is super cool. You will be always up to date and interested in what you are doing.

Lets get back to my release. During the last week I was working on requireJS bug and also finished and merged my CSP implementation for Thimble and Goggles.

This week contribution:

  • Bug 995318update index.html in Goggles to use requireJS. Fixed and merged. PR can be found here. Two more similar bug are waiting to be fixed. That will be my next step.
  • Bug 959271CSP for thimble. Finally got landed and I’m so happy with that. PR can be found here. All the webmaker components, except popcorn, are using CSP. It took a semester for me to learn, create, fix and land this feature to all the webmaker components and now I am really happy that it works good and I included my work into webmaker.
  • Bug 990786fixing CSP for Goggles. Basically, removing CSP from all the pages, but ‘publish’, where injection could be present. Fixed and merged. PR can be found here.
  • Bug 995781Correcting alignment and profile image shape for Goggles. Fixed and merged. PR can be found here. I fixed the image shape and alignment on the publish page. After my little involvement with CSS, I found out that it is really fun and interesting as well.

That is basically it for my final release.
I would like to say that my classmates were really involved into the course as well, and I liked the presentations they did during the semester, where I learned something new and something more. This kind of approach gave all the classmates to learn even more than only their area of bugs.
Great experience with a great team! πŸ™‚ Thank you!:)
PS: will be off next week – going to see Montreal πŸ™‚


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