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iOS 7 has been installed

Posted: June 11, 2013 in hi-tech
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Hello there!
As most of you know, Apple just released new iOS for iPhones and iPads. Some of you may be watched the Keynote that was yesterday online on Apple website.

Just installed the latest iOS7 to iPhone 5.

After the presentation I was a bit disappointed with the new iOS 7, I thought that design is poor and looks like Androids or Windows Phones, so that Apple lost their creativity and feeling of design. Fortunately, I was wrong!!!

After I installed it to my iPhone I got the feeling of it, it is just cool as it should be. Lots of new and easy features, flat design and awesome animation that is everywhere. It is just amazing to look how the device works. Of course, I need some time to get used to some new features (new gestures, multitasking, colors etc), but the feeling of being somewhere in the future is here, Apple didn’t lose it and I hope they won’t.
Some screenshots:

Photo Jun 11, 11 31 28 AM